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    Importing Assemblies that share parts

    Ted McHenry

      I have multiple assemblies that were created using Solid Edge that i would like to bring into solidworks and store them in out vault.  I have experimented with various ways of doing this (.step vs. native) and found something that seems to work for us.  The problem is that a lot of these assemblies share parts so the first model imports and checks in no problem.  When I attempt to bring in anything else I get an error stating filename is not unique (the shared parts).  Is there a quick and easy way of reassigning these duplicate parts with the ones that are already in the vault?

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          Lenny Bucholz

          Not really, same would happen if you tried to save the files in the same folder in widows exporer, it would want you to delete the old and save the new because the files have the same name.


          I would call the VAR and get some better help, I think you may have to possibly rebuild the assemblys in solidworks from the parts you've imported. what you could do is save the assemblies as part files and then put those in the vault, they would have all the bodies inside so at a later date you could save the body you need out to it's own part file to use in something else.

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            Jerry Steiger



            I would either import the files into separate directories for each assembly and then Pack and Go into the working directory for your vault, or delete the shared parts from your working directory before you import each assembly.


            Jerry S.