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    Can not register dll

    Feng Wei

      I do as the tutorial tells me to do. I get the dll file and register successfully.



      But it does not appear in the addin dialogbox. I cannot find it in regedit either. Whant's wrong?

      register fail.png

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          Artem Taturevych

          Please note that registering of DLL itself's doesn't guarantee that the registry key will be added. They only be added if your c++ project has the corresponding rgs-files (registry scripts) or explicit registry writing in DLLRegister entry function.


          Try to add these keys manually if you know the GUID of your add-in. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\AddIns and add new entry similar to existing add-ins. You may use the attached .reg file to add the dummy add-in to the list.


          After complete you will see the add-in in list (even if there is no actual add-in like dummy file). But if the GUID specified in the key name is correct and this is the GUID of corresponding COM class which implements the ISwAddin interface and there is no exception in DLLRegistry procedure and ConnectToSW implementation - your add-in will be properly loaded.


          Please also try to register your DLL as Administrator. Registry manipulations may be blocked due to permissions.



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