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    Demitri Duwadi

      Hey all,


      I made a model for a presentation and the person I turned it into wants to have a scale for the picture. I took a measurment of a component that is 37 feet long with a ruler at the size It's going to be presented at and it was about 3/4th of an inch, so a good scale to put in the corner would be 1 inch = 50 ft? Does solidworks have a way to create scales to put on drawings? (http://puu.sh/1wKpD) That's the drawing the scale is going to go on, the scale doesn't have to be extremely accurate or anything. If anyone wants to try and help the pond (blue rectanle) is 115 ft long and the picture is going to be used in a power point presentation. Also if anyone has a suggestion on how to create the actual scale, it'd be much appreciated, I'm not sure how to make / put it on the image.