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3d sketching with weldments

Question asked by Chris Kalnasy on Dec 3, 2012
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Quick background on the project at hand.  Imagine a large trailer unit for simplicity sake being used almost a training classroom.   Inside of it you will have electrical conduit 'raceways' mounted on the walls that go around the room, over doors, into electrical panels, etc etc.  Well a previous employee has already modeled this using an extremely inefficient solid part with lots of extrusions, cuts, planes, etc.  It has lots of errors and is just cumbersome to open and edit.  I am in the process of revamping this file, and my plan is to model the profile of the raceway and the cover as separate weldment sketches (of which I have already done).  Then construct a 3d sketch, and apply the weldments to them.  Initial testing of the idea proved it would work well and accept changes without a hitch, as they should, unlike our previous model. 


Now here comes my issue.  My boss' plan to make it even easier, is to make a glass box model basically that represents the inside of the 'trailer' so when I make the 3d sketch it will have solid constraints to the walls, corners, floors, and ceilings.  We will then make the 3d sketch that is attached to the glass box model a derived sketch for a part for the raceway and for the cover.  The reason being is that we want to make the raceway and cover separate parts because there are cutouts in the cover for electrical outlets and other components.  Also, if the size of the trailer changes for whatever reason, we can easily change the dims on our glassbox and it should trickle down and update everything from there on.  Problem is my 3d sketch test is showing the weldment is not facing in the right direction.  Currently if I make sketch on a wall and make the sketch plane the actual wall, it works perfectly, but the 3d sketch turns the weldment 90 degrees so the raceway is halfway inside the wall, and half poking out.


Thanks for any ideas, suggestions, etc.  Attached is a photo of the raceway and cover separated from eachother.