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Need Help Troubleshooting a Solidworks Client Authentication Issue.

Question asked by Craig Wilson on Nov 30, 2012

My apologies for my basic knowledge of Solidworks, but I have an Educational Customer who is having an Software Compatibility issue.


When a particular DLL is loaded that hooks into Windows Explorer.exe, then When the SolidWorks Client Fails, it does not Authenticate to the Authentication Server.

When the DLL is unloaded,  Authentication works. (Reboot Required after unregistering the DLL)


In Took LAN Traces of both cases and I see the Client Device Talking to the Server on Port 1028 quite a bit in both cases.

Unfortunately, I have no clue of how to try and troubleshoot the compatibility or how a Shell Extension could impact Solidworks.


Any Ideas?

I know there is not much data and I'm not aware of any other software package this extension has ever impacted so it's really really odd.


Just trying to figure out how to make them work together.