ignoring PDMWorks Built-In properties

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 24, 2006
Hey thanks very much for the input, but yeah he's right Flemming, in PDMWorks 2006, renaming is just that. All references are taken care of just as renaming in SolidWorks Explorer. I see the use of the NUMBER field as simply container for the 'clean' P/N (i.e. w/o a file extension or a prefix as in the case of our file naming scheme). To me that pc of information attached to every record in the vault could be useful in a variety of situations, like having to duplicate the information in the NUMBER field provides a double check that the correct base part number & dash number are being assigned, for reports you won't need to extract the 'clean' P/N from the filename with an API becuase it's available in the NUMBER property, (any others?)