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    A3 Colour Printer

    Jack Parlane

      Hi all,


      I've been tasked with spec'ing up some A3 printers to replace our current so thought i'd pop on here for some research. Has anyone got any good recommendations, don't think we can justify a laser printer so it's gotta be an inkjet. Will be mainly used for issuing drawings but will also sometimes be used to print out coloured documentation and rendered images.


      Any input welcome, thanks,



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          Paul Cullen

          Hi Jack


          I have a Canon Pixma iX4000 which I bought about 2 years ago, I find it brilliant, when I print pictures they come out perfectly everytime, its good at printing drawings and with 4 separate ink cartridges it means that if you print something with a lot of red you only have the one cartridge to replace instead of having to replace a multi colour cartridge that is still half full of cyan and yellow. I get a lot of printing out of a set of cartridges and they are not too expensive I can get them for arround €12 each on line €15 in my local store.