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Dell T5500, Nvidia Quadro 2000, ghosting issues - corporate machine

Question asked by Kris Rowlands on Nov 30, 2012



I'm getting toolbar overlapping/ ghosting. I've got the latest approve SW driver installed (Help Desk actually downgraded the drive to teh SW approved one) and still this issue has not gone away.


I'm having ghosting issue outside of SW too, as seen by the image below. RIght click menu selection sometimes won't go away.....they stick around as a ghost.




I'm thinking this isn't just a SW issue, but I don't know what to do to rectify. I was hoping one of the many minds on the forum might have a clue for me. Help desk is befuddled, as am I.


Win 7 64 bit, Intel Xeon CPU, E5603 @ 1.60 GHz, (2 processors), 22 GB ram. SW 2012, SP 5.0. Thanks in advance!