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EModelViewer.exe has many instances that won't close

Question asked by Aj Leon on Nov 29, 2012

To start out I am running: Windows 7 64 bit, soliworks 2012 sp5 and enterprise PDM 2012 sp 4


I am starting to impliment enterprise PDM at our place. I usually have administration and windows explorer open to preview the data cards i am working on. The first time it happened i noticed my processor was sitting at 70%. I opened task manager and saw 4 or 5 instances of eDrawingOfficeAutomator.exe running, each using >= 100 MB of memory and 13% of the CPU. I asked my VAR about it and they said it was from the preview tab in windows explorer. So I disabled the preview but now I get mulitple insances of EModelViewer.exe running that don't seem to close unless i stop the process in task manager.


Is there a fix for this or will it go away with an update to 2013?