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Sheet Metal - Lofted Cone or Revolved Cone, Unfold and can't Fold

Question asked by Roman Lech on Nov 29, 2012
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I work extensively with sheet metal and have recently come across this problem.


Wether I create a cone using the


- lofted bends (sheet metal)

- revolve, (then insert bend feature to make a sheet metal part)


I can insert an unfold feature then it will not let me unfold... I can unsupress the flat-pattern feature to get the correct flat.


I would like to create a cutout when flat, display it when its folded.  I know I could wrap a sketch and do a normal cut, but either I must be doing something wrong, or there is a bug.  I have successfully done this on other parts, but I can't say i have done this with a cone.  Has anyone experienced this before?


Any help would be appreciated.