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    Transistion Condition based on Revision Scheme

    Laura Whittle

      Is there a way to have a condition based on whether the revision scheme used is a numeric or alpha revision?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You can use SQL wildcards.


          As an example, the image below would ensure the first character of the revision is a letter. A number would not meet this condition. If you want to ensure the first character is a number, use [0-9]



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              Brian Dalton

              Very cool tip, Jeff.  I didn't realize that the 'unusual' wildcards used in EPDM conditions were actually SQL wildcards.  I have a question, though.


              I searched for SQL wildcards and learned that the square brackets are used to enclose a list of characters to be matched against the searched field - any character in the list constitutes a match.  I noticed, though, that you seemed to be using a special case wherein [A-Z] means 'any character from A to Z' instead of the literal meaning of 'either A or - or Z'.


              • Are there other 'special cases' that can be used with the character list construction that you can enlighten us to?  None of the websites I found that explain SQL wildcards made any mention of A-Z or 0-9 as special cases.