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    Frequency Study Animation Parts Penetrate

    Gregg Curwen

      Parts of an assembly appear to penetrate each other during mode shape animation.  Why?  How to prevent?

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi  Gregg: as you probably know, the displacements calculated for frequency results are not absolute, but relative (since there are no loads applied in frequency analysis). However there are finite values assigned by an algorithm to assist in visualizing relative deformations. The best you can do is modify the scaling factor by "Edit Definition" of the displacement plot and look for the option "Deformed Shape", then click on "User Defined" and enter a value that is less than the "Automatic" option. Hope that helps. 


          Message was edited by: Anthony Botting -correction - special allowance for in-plane loads is provided by the software. These loads could stiffen or soften the structure. Hence the frequency values would change with these types of loads. - but it stands that no external loads are applied. They are solving the equation: F = ma + kx, where F=0. So, it becomes an eigenvalue equation: ma + kx = 0.