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Block Preview Pane

Question asked by Jerry Ward on Nov 28, 2012

I would like to know if there is a way to have a folder with nothing but .SLDBLK files in it so you can go through them and see a preview of each one in windows explorer. I want to be able to save the block one time only. At the moment we are having to go into the file after it was saved the 1st time just to hit save again because that is the only way that it will preview in windows explorer. If you save the file once it will only show the viewport background only and not the sketch we have made a block of. I have tried changing the viewport background to different colors but this didn't help. This would be very convenient because of the many different customers and shapes that we have. Please help!!!



The 13445 file that is attached it an example of a block that will not preview.


The 13970 file that is attached is an example of a block that will preview.