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    Deciding on WS Configuration

    Ramanujam Veeraraghavan

      Hi All


      I would like to buy few Work Stations for use of Solid Work Designing. Our Design's are quite huge with lot of Components (around 5K +) with inlcusion of Animation as well. We are currently using Quadra FX1800 with 8 GB RAM , HP Z400 W3505 Processor.


      Can anyone suggest me, which Configuration / Work Station would be ideal for use.





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          Jerry Steiger



          The Administration forum has the best information on hardware. I would ask in that forum. Giving the people who are going to answer as much information as possible will making getting the right answer more likely and will get it more quickly. Do your largest assemblies cause problems with your existing graphics cards? How much memory does the task manager say you are using? You mention Animation, does that involve rendering as well? If so, how much? (Rendering uses multiple processors, whereas SolidWorks usually only uses one.) Do you use or plan to start using Simulation? If so, how much? (Simulation can also use multiple processors.)


          Jerry S.