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    Quadro 5000 or K5000?

    hajime hajime

      Hello, I am buying a HP Workstation Z820 to run SolidWorks 2012-2013, Matlab/Simulink, 3DxMax, Motion Builder, Inventor, etc. Is Nvidia Quadro 5000 series a good choice? Should I get 5000 or K5000? Thanks.

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          Anna Wood

          The K Series s the newest generation card.  I would get the K5000.





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            Richard Bremmer

            Hi Hajime,


            I am sure you have investigated the choice for hardware, but often a Z420 with higher clocked quadcore CPU (3,6 GHz to be exact) is best for SolidWorks users. I don't know about the other software you use, but there isn't much software available that will take full advantage of the multi CPU setup. 90 % of the SolidWorks users I know who stretched their budget to a Z620 or Z820 were disapointed.

            If you use Simulation or photoview360 a lot (daily) it could be a good choice. Be sure to spend well over $ 3000 on this system (without the K5000 and only one CPU@3GHz+) to be just short of the Z420 in performance for SolidWorks.

            IMHO it's only worth it if you plan and need a second processor in the next 1 to 1,5 years or really need the memory that you can put into the Z820 (512GB compared to 64GB for the Z420).


            To answer you're initial question I would go for the K5000 as well.