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PDM Workgroup export/import across companies

Question asked by Jeff Rau on Nov 27, 2012

We are trying to get the SolidWorks files from one of our contractors and put them into our vault.  They used SolidWorks and stored all their work on their vault.  We thought we could do this using the pdmwexport.exe and pdmwimport.exe programs, but we are having trouble.  We are on SolidWorks 2012 SP 2.0 and PDM Workgroup 2012 SP 2.0, but I don't know what versions they are using.


The contractor used pdmwexport to export all the projects.  The output was saved to a portable hard drive then sent to us.  So, we have a folder with all the Workgroup projects and the "export.bin" file.  The problem comes when I try to run the pdmwimport program.  After I direct the dialog box to the folder with projects and .bin file, I get a warning that says:


"'E:\...Vault' is not a valid SolidWorks Workgroup PDM vault root folder." 


I found an entry in the knowledge base (S-023099) that refers to SolidWorks 2008.  It indicates that to do the export/import, both servers must be able to ping each other.  So, is it even possible to do the exchange via hard drive as we’re attempting?  Or, is that requirement only something from version 2008?  The help files for 2012 do not list that limitation.  In fact, under the “exporting” option, it simply says “send “export.bin” file to destination vault administrator”, as if that file is sufficient to transfer the vault.  Is that true? 


The other option is that the contractor did not copy the correct folder for us.  What should a folder of exported projects look like?  Does it need to have a parent folder with other vault information?


Thanks for any suggestions.