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    Basic Simulation Question

    Kay Davis



      I have built a simple cylendrical shell. I am trying to run a random vibrational analysis. I started out just by choosing modal damping and letting the simulation run. Since then, I have changed just about every parameter I could think of just to get it to work, and nothing helps. The error message I get every time is:


      Damping cannot be defined as zero for any modeshape.


      The simulation does mesh my part. I have not applied any fixtures or forces (I added some in later just to see if that would solve the problem, but it doesnt). I have changed the frequency of the modes that I am trying to find so that none of them are zero. I think Solidworks is supposed to find these for me, but it apparently thinks that they are all zero.


      Has anyone gotten this error before? I even rebuilt my part to see if I had done something crazy, and that didn't help either. Tips/advice/suggestions welcome!

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          Brian Kent

          Hello Kay, and welcome to the forum!


          Have you run the tutorial on this?  It recommends that you do the frequency study first, to see the mode shapes, and then to copy that to a New Dynamic Study.  Did you run the frequency study?  I am not able to run your part, because I run a prior version (SW2010).  However, I am able to run a simple part (a printed circuit board modeled as a surface part with thickness), and have not see the "Damping cannot be defined as zero for any modeshape" error.  I don't know how thick your cylindrical shell is, but you might try modeling it a s a surface part.  Best of luck to you!