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SolidWorks Mechanical Designer /Drafter

Question asked by Jonathan Wimberley on Nov 27, 2012
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ERIKS Seals and Plastics (USA)

Position Specification: SolidWorks Mechanical Designer /Drafter

ERIKS is an international group of technical product and service providers, who manufacture, fabricate and distribute industrial products. ERIKS currently consists of more than 60 companies with branches in 26 countries.

ERIKS Seals and Plastics is the USA based group of technical companies that serves multiple OEM and MRO industries worldwide. The company has locations in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Anaheim, Ft Worth, Houston, Tulsa, and Milwaukee. Largely, these companies focus on selling engineered seals and machined plastic components, but also provide bearings and specialty metals.

This Role will be located at the ERIKS Tech Center in Sacramento CA or the ERIKS Fabrication Center in Milwaukee WI.

SolidWorks Mechanical Designer /Drafter Skills and Qualifications:

  • Design elastomer and plastic sealing and structural components in SolidWorks 3D CAD system
  • Detail 2D drawings
  • Proficiency with SolidWorks current revision including models, assemblies, drawings and part families
  • Utilize the MRP system
  • Assist the Project Engineer(s) / Technical Team in creating a product from reference drawings, manage product data, share designs, automate workflows, and securely share design data across our organization, with clients, and with external partners.
  • Works hand-in-hand with the manufacturing / fabricating team to create the final product
  • Assist in testing of the product to ensure adherence to specifications
  • Monitors the design for potential improvements and manufacturability constraints
  • Work directly with vendors and outside suppliers on component design and specification
  • Assist in performing testing and analysis on test samples and prototype molding of test parts


Min. Required Qualifications:

  • 2+ years experience with SolidWorks 3D CAD package
  • Associate's Degree in CAD or equivalent experience
  • Mechanical aptitude and problem solving skills
  • Computer skills including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Superior communication (phone, face to face and presentation formats)
  • Ability to work within a cross functional team is essential
  • Aptitude to leverage the technical resources of our vendors and suppliers
  • Detail oriented, independent thinking, self-starting, motivated
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks/projects and manage priorities accordingly
  • Understanding of manufacturing constraints
  • Recognize schedule limitations and exhibit a willingness to meet critical deadlines


Compensation / Benefits

ERIKS Seals and Plastics offer a competitive salary, bonus opportunity, 401(K), health plan, and other benefits that are competitive with our industry.

Please submit your resume to the email address below (no phone calls, please).

ERIKS Seals and Plastics
Human Resources
15600 Trinity Blvd suite 100
Ft Worth, TX. 76155