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SW Simulation - "Material is not defined"

Question asked by Simon Kudernatsch on Nov 27, 2012

Hi everyone,


I am unable to run any kind of a simulation, with any kind of a part. Every time I set everything up and hit run SW tells me "Material is not defined". I have tried reinstalling my previous SW 2011 student edition version three times and I just installed new SW 2012 student edition. I was expecting that with the new version the simulation would work just fine, but that didn't happen. I have been using SW for over two years now and I am very familiar with the program. I am very certain that my parts are fine since I am able to run the simulation on a different computer with the same exact parts and settings (and I never encountered the same problem on a different machine). I have been reading up on this topic, but couldn't find any solution before or now.


Any kind of a help would be greatly appreciated,


Thank you very much,