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SW2013/2012 configuration for Laptop

Question asked by Julien Sickersen on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Charles Culp

Hi everybody,


I'm looking to buy a new Laptop wich will be able to run Solidworks correctly for 95% of my use and also UGS NX for 5%.

The company is paying so the budget is correct.

I'm looking for something fast working on SW 2012 and 2013

I'm looking for something not heavy like a 15" max, I will be able to carry it easily and connect to any monitor.


Could you give me some advises for the processor, graphic card (dedicated), minimum RAM ??

Thank you


I checked already in Sony and Dell (I think on the highest),

about the processor I can go to a :

     3rd generation intel i7 3632QM,

     3rd generation intel i7 3532M or

     3rd generation intel i5 3210M

     Intel pentium 980B


about the graphic card:

     Intel HD graphic 4000

     Nvidia Geforce GT 640M LE, (2Gb)


Do you have any website where we can built the laptop to advise.


In advance thank you