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Anybody angry about rollar coaster promtions and high costs?

Question asked by Terry Sargent on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Scott Baugh

I have been using Solidworks for many years at a company I used to work for,then I retired  and purchased my own seat. It was ok for awhile when I was generating enough income to substain the high maintenance fees but as time went by it became more difficult in this tanking economy. I just received a quote to renew my maintenance subscription, holy moly, $2,495, well that is really prohibitive for a small businessman like me.It has become apparent that Solidworks has become very greedy and seems to care little about their pricing issues. I have suggested several times that Solidworks is missing out on a very big market for their software. It is the area for those potential users who can't afford a seat of their own.but, could afford a seat at a reduced price from a current owner. In steps the current license holders who are not really able to use their seat but would sell it if possible. The incentive for Solidworks is to charge a fair transfer fee to the new owner and offer them a maintenance contract in order to become current. I belive there is a huge market out there for these buyers and at the same time it would allow current Solidworks owners a chance to recoup some of their investment. Everyone wins and it would show that Solidworks does care about its users and not just about money.