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Possible to display full qty's in indented BOMs?

Question asked by David Town on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by Calin Comlosan

The indented BOM's work nearly perfect for the way our company runs except....


1. We do not need the line for the assembly. 

2. The quantity should show the full qty of the parts needed.


The only way I see an indented BOM to display is with an assembly quantity and the parts laid out for a single assembly.


ie.  Assembly X, qty 4

          -Part1.1, qty 1

          -Part1.2, qty 2

          -Part1.3, qty 1


Is there any way to have the BOM not show the assembly, and show the full qty of the parts required?


ie. Part 1.1, qty 4

     Part 1.2, qty 8

     Part 1.3, qty 4




Is it possible to have a parts only BOM with detailed numbering?