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Toolbox 2012 Add Delete Buttons - set permission

Question asked by Robert Chase on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by Jody Stiles

We just finished upgrading to SW 2012 SP5 this past weekend and we just realized one crucial flaw to how the toolbox is handles that I'm hoping there is a setting that will fix this. In prior versions in order to add or remove any toolbox items you have to go to the toolbox -> configure screen and then you can add or remove items. Our toolbox is open so that any of the 9 engineers can add part numbers as needed. The problem is which 2012 there is an Add, Remove, and Edit Button right in the Property Manager when you are placing the toolbox items into your assembly. This is very dangerous and they could accidentally delete needed toolbox configurations without realizing or meaning to. Is there a way to block this so that these 3 buttons will not work? or at least make it so they cannot delete from here? (a secondary problem we have is that the toolbox was created initially back two admins ago and me nor the 2nd admin know what the password was on the toolbox originally. So I do know I need to have SW unlock it for us, but I'm hoping there may be a way to block the delete button so that we don't lose any configs before we are able to put a password on it so that they are required to type the password and cannot accidentally delete. Historically it wasn't an issue because you couldn't delte without going into the configurator)