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Stress Near a Fixed Region

Question asked by Nate Sieger on Nov 26, 2012

Hello All,


Perhaps some of you can help me out with this one. We’ll be analyzing a bracket that we’ll have to simply bond in space (the structure around it is not available). Since I need to analyze the stress in the bracket, I think that the region around the fixed face will deliver high stress. I’m not sure exactly how to treat the stress around a fixed region.


I performed a simple experiment on a beam with a fixed circular face (blue) and a 500 lb load at the end. As you can see from plotting the nodal stress leading up to the fixed region, there’s a sharp rise and then of course a drop (due to stress dilution). I attached images for this experiment.


How would you assess the stress leading up to that fixed region? I think it is discontinuous, but I don’t know to what extent I should regard it as legitimate. Again, my goal is to report the stress in the bracket.


Thank you in advance for your input.