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Propagating properties from weldment profile to weldment and part

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Nov 26, 2012
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I'm not sure I understand the different between 'part' custom properties, and 'weldment' custom properties - perhaps the answer to my question lies here.


I've set up custom profiles of aluminum extrusion I often use. Each profile sketch is for one specific model of extrusion.

I would like to set properties at the profile sketch level for things such as :






such that when I use this profile in a weldment, the info is propagated to the structural member.


Next, to do drawing detailing, I use 'inset into new part' on each structural member, so that each member can be detailed on an individual drawing.


I would like the properties I set in the profile sketch to be available all the way down to the drawing level so that when I insert the part on the drawing, the title block is automatically populated, just like any other part.


Is there any way to do this?


I currently have custom properties set up for parts, and I use a custom property tab for parts, however, I haven't set up custom properties or a custom property tab for weldments.