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report generator or Excel

Question asked by Wil Swaanen on Nov 27, 2012
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I'm searching for a way to get information from a single part to see which configurations are used in any assy. This should be done for all versions.

This way I can see which configurations are not used at all so I can delete those configs.


So the idea is, I fill in a filename and the query gives back a list of all configs used in assy's for all versions.

Or even better a list of config's which are bnot used in anyu version in any assy.


I found a crp for  the report generator to fill in a filename and a configname to search where that config is used but that goes per config.


Is there any way to do this for all configs ?


Could this perhaps better being done in Excel ?


Any help appreciated ...


regards Wil Swaanen