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    Mesh Progress gas gauge

    John Sutherland

      My workstation is crunching through a 24 hour task of meshing a slender sheetmetal assembly, so I am anxiously monitoring the mesh progress gas gauge.


      I suspect that the gauge resets, perhaps after each of the 3 steps.


      I have seen part names appear late in the process so maybe the gauge resets after each part.


      Can you clarify this for me so that I can correctly interpret the gauge?

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          John Sutherland

          Time provided the answer.


          The gas gauge reaches 100% when the third step is completed successfully, then remains on 100% while SW steps through each part of the assembly, which may take another 24 hours.


          So the gas gauge merely tells me what the tick boxes tell me, and the part name report tells me the remainder.


          I rely on Windows Task Manager(floating on top)>Performance tab to monitor heartbeat and RAM usage.