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Upgrading SEPDM 'Viewer' between upgrades

Question asked by Corey Vantilborg on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by Lee CS Young

This is an old issue for us.  However I thought I had come up with a clever solution this year.


Each year when we upgrade SEPDM the Viewers (Right click >View File or History viewer) breaks.  This is because SEPDM stores the viewer paths by User, not locally on the computer, so it doesn't know when those paths have changed.


Usually this is a very manual process to deal with, basically I have to go into every user and change this value, it is very time consuming, and dumb.


This year I decided to try to upgrade it from the database.  To that end i wrote this SQL script


update dbo.Settings

set dbo.settings.Value = '* %ProgramFiles%\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM\FileViewer.exe "%1%" sldasm, sldprt, slddrw, dwg %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Common Files\eDrawings2012\EModelViewer.exe "%1%"'

from dbo.Users left join dbo.GroupMembers on dbo.users.UserID = dbo.GroupMembers.UserID

left join dbo.Groups on dbo.GroupMembers.GroupID = dbo.groups.GroupID

left join dbo.Settings on dbo.Users.UserID = dbo.settings.UserID

where dbo.GroupMembers.IsMember = 1 and dbo.groups.GroupID = '@DesiredUserGroup' and dbo.Settings.VarID = '16'


The intention here to was to update the viewer string for everyone in our Engineering user group to a known good value.  Since I know that all of our Engineers user 64-bit machines I can at least do this much.


The script does work, it that is updates the values in  dbo.settings .  However when I go into the UI after running the script I get this:

11-26-12 11-00-41 AM.jpg


Obviously I am missing something here.   When I look at all the Settings in SQL for that user, I can see that I did update the viewer setting, but obviously I am missing something.


99Corey Vantilborg131T-EngineeringGB0
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering12
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering13
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering14
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering15
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineeringdwg dxf eprt easm edrw sldprt sldasm slddrw pdf cfg mdb markup6
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering~$* *.newver.* *.bak *.tmp logoff*7
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering08
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering09
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering010
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering011
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering012
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering014
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering015
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering* %ProgramFiles%\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM\FileViewer.exe "%1%" sldasm, sldprt, slddrw, dwg %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Common Files\eDrawings2012\EModelViewer.exe "%1%"16
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering1,9,1,10,1,40,1,11,1,26,2,111,3,1,3,25,3,27,3,14,3,18,3,37,3,133,3,136,4,-118
99Corey Vantilborg131T-EngineeringConstructs Elements Sheets Views19
99Corey Vantilborg131T-EngineeringOldVersions20
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering1 021
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering022
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering123
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering024
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering125
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering126
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering027
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering028
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering029
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering030
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering031
99Corey Vantilborg131T-Engineering032


Has anyone worked with this before?  How do you upgrade all your viewers?



Corey Vantilborg