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Maintaining Associativity Between SolidWorks and Altium

Question asked by Chris Beckett on Nov 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by Chris Beckett

Hi All


Is there any way to have associativity between Altium and SolidWorks?


So when the Electronics guys change their PCB outline and components, I can pull it into SolidWorks and my screw bosses (which have 'concentric' relations to their PCB holes) move with with it automatically?


Currently process is:

1.  I create rough outline of a PCB in SW (which fits inside my plastic enclosure)

2.  They use that STEP file to create a PCB in Altium, populate it with components, and send me a new STEP with components

3.  I open the STEP file, it creates massive SW assembly.

4.  I save that as a .sldprt file and insert it back into my top level assembly

5.  I dimension things like plastic enclosure screw bosses to that part file file that started as a STEP from Altium.

6.  When they change the PCB layout in Altium, then send me a new STEP, and I insert a brand new part file into my SW assembly, and lose all references.

7.  Manually redefine screw bosses, ribs, etc around the new PCB design.


Takes a lot of time and is clumsy.

Does anyone have a better method?