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    Joint two macros

    Julius Chrobak



      I need your help guys. I found macros on this forums that I need to use. How I can joint it?


      I would like to change mass from grams to kilograms on all my parts in attached macro with name: Set custom unit

      Next I need add custom properties with values than picture:


      For example:



      Last part of macro must set custom properties values: Name part/assem and Drawing Number from filename.

      My filename is: AC1025. name of part.SLDPRT

      22 symbols from left is Drawing number, and all next symbols is Name of part.

      I attached macro with name: Filename.swp



      PLease, help me with my problem, How I can joint this two macros and add source code with automatic set custom properties than picture.


      Thanks you very much guys for all your advices