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    SolidWorks 2013 upgrade experiences. Pro's/Con's

    Dean Dickemore

      Searched the groups and did not find much that addressed the general consensus of 2013. 

      I would like to know how many end users/companies have actually moved to 2013.  Considering moving our company from 2011 SP5 to 2013 SP(latest).  I see from the Dassault website that SP1 appears to be out according to the "Fixed SPRs*" on the subscription page, just not quite available for download just yet.

      Since there is no going back, I would like to get a general "feel" for what the daily confidence level of 2013 is.  After all, it's what pays the bills.

      Please, no ranting.

      Looking for honest feedback, as I suspect others would appreciate legitimate comments also.

      Thanks in advance.