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    How to change angle mate without changing minimum and maximum values

    Luc St-Pierre



      I have just started using SolidWorks 2011 and I am developping an add-in using the API. So I am fairly new to all of this.


      Here it is : I have an assembly that I did not create myself. There is a component that has mates in a way that it can only rotate around one axis. Minimum and maximum angles are defined with an angle mate. My goal is to replicate programmatically this component's rotation as if the user changed the angle value in mate's Property Manager, therefore the component is rotated accordingly to its angle mate.


      In my code, I found the angle mate I was looking for and I changed the angle using ISetValue3 on its Dimension object (which is in its IDisplayDimension object). That did not work well. The angle value is changed correctly in the mate's Property Manager, but the minimum and maximum angles are changed as well. I do not understand why. Also, I do not understand the purpose of maximum and minimum variation values found in the Limit Dimension linked to this angle mate. Am I using the correct method to achieve my goal?