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Dynamic Highlight Popup Window/Label causing Graphics Problem

Question asked by Warren Isaacs on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2012 by Warren Isaacs

I like to work with Dynamic Highlighting enabled, but, after moving to a new workstation, it's causing graphics problems in Assembly mode. *


If I hover the cursor over a component, the name of that body and component is displayed in a popup window/label.  This label disappears after about 2 seconds.  If I try to manipulate the view after this popup has disappeared, the only bit of the main window in which the graphics update is the bit where the popup was.  This is rather like viewing my model through a letterbox and the glitch persists until I reactivate the popup.  This means moving the cursor over another body, or into clear space and back again, both of which can be tricky when I can no longer see my model.


This problem appears independant of the view manipulation type and method: pan, zoom and spin, using middle mouse button (with, or without modifyer keys), scroll wheel, arrow keys, clicking on the triad, and using 3DConnexion device all suffer.


If I move the cursor, but keep it over the same body, or move it into blank space without crossing another body, the problem is still apparent.

If I start to manipulate the view before the popup disappears, all is well.

If I move the cursor over another body, a new popup is displayed and I'm at the beginning of another cycle of  "popup > 2 seconds > disappear > manipulate > letterbox".


The problem is 100% repeatable...unless it try to screen capture it.


The hardware is Dell M6600, with Nvidia Quadro 4000M.  I've tried both of the relevant graphics drivers available on via the SW site, but neither solves the problem.


The 3DConnexion device (a SpacePilot Pro) is unlikely to be causing the problem, as several other identically specified machines (bought and rolled out as a batch) exhibit the problem, regardless of wether they have a 3DConnexion device attached, or even the driver installed.  Oddly, others in the batch do not exibit the problem.


Any solution would be welcomed.  I could happily live without the popups, if there's a way to disable them whilst keeping the dynamic highlight.



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*  I've just realised that the problem occurs in part mode, too, where the popup contains only the name of the body.