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    Determination of Radiation View Factor

    Christopher Neal



      I am a student working with Solidworks 2013. I am trying to have solidworks calculate the view factor between two surfaces and tell me what the value of the view factor is. I have not been able to find a way to do this as of yet. Does anyone have any thoughts on if it is even possible to do this?


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      Chris Neal

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          Tiefu Shao

          Huh, same trouble here, I don't know where to get the calculation results of view factors.


          In my thermal analysis to a radiative heating problem (with an assembly consisting of 15 parts), SolidWorks took 17h:3m:10s to finish the calculation of view factor! My computer has 24GB RAM space, however, the maximum usage of RAM space was less than 2GB. (Right now, the calculation of temperature distribution is just kicked in with only 1.10936GB memory usage.


          It looks like using open system is more efficient.