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Fastener Part Numbers in BOM's

Question asked by Joe Boggs on Nov 23, 2012

The default part numbers for fasteners created by the toolbox can be very confusing to the shops we deal with.  Very long cryptic strings that mean nothing to the average technician.  I thought I had this one licked by just changing the default information in the Bill of Materials Options in the Configuration Settings for each fastener file as it is created and stored in the CopiedParts folder.  But whenever that part is re-used by myself or any of my coworkers, the information in that file in CopiedParts is rewritten to that confusing cryptic mess.  I have seen many questions on this forum that seem to hover around this question, but none that answered it directly.  I have tried all the settings options in the Toolbox Configurator.  Does ANYONE know how to prevent those long and useless part numbers appearing for fasteners?  Thanks in advance!  (Currently on SW2012 SP4.  Soon to upgrade to SW2013.)