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How to create a complex formed metal part (connector terminal)

Question asked by Matt Wilhite on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Matt Wilhite

Hi, can anyone help me with this kind of problem?


Attached is a drawing of a connector terminal. The part is a stamped and formed part, manufactured on a progression die. It has a number of transition areas and varying cross-sections.


I want to be able to create this kind of part, but the trick is to generate accurate models for both the fully formed part and the blank part, so that the part can be folded and unfolded accurately using the same 3D model.


Is this really possible with the SolidWorks sheetmetal functionality, or is there some add-on SW partner package that is needed? If the latter is the case, can you recommend the partner product that would be needed?


Thanks for your help!