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    The Property Tab Builder breaks the link...

    Martin Goulet

      Hi SolidWorks users,


      In the SolidWorks Tab Builder when we use the textbox we can link a dimension to the text box and the link will be updated if there is a change in the dimension.

      Ex. (D2@Sketch1 X D3@Sketch1 ) 2 2  1/4” x 30 1/2”


      When we use list and check the allow custom values and add the same link to the dimension, the link will be broken and the dimension will be converted to text.

      This is a problem because once it has been converted to text, if we change the dimension, it will not update. Is there away to keep the link?


      We would like to use a combination of list and linked dimensions...


      TOP PANEL 3/4”thk X 20” X 30”

      TOP PANEL comes from the list (TOP PANEL, RIGHT PANEL, CENTER PANEL, etc.) and 3/4”thk X 20” X 30” are linked dimensions.


      Does anybody have found a way to use the list property combine to linked dimensions without breaking the link and converting the dimensions to text?






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          Martin Goulet

          Hi SolidWorks Users,


          Am I the only one that would like to be able to link dimensions to a List in the Property Tab Builder?

          In a more  general way, do you actually link dimensions to create the description of your parts?


          I have another small issue with the way the diameter symbol “Ø” is not converted correctly from the Note Pad file to the Property Tab Builder in SolidWorks. In the Note Pad file the symbol “Ø”  is visible but when I use the property Tab Builder the symbol becomes this one “�”. Is there a way to use a List from the Note Pad and keep the “Ø”  symbol in the Property Tab Builder?





          Note pad list.jpg

          Note pad list 2.jpg