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    Direction of x an y axes on sketch

    David Homar



      I want to know how is defined x and y axes in sketch on optional plane.


      Origin is projected base origin on this plane but how is defined direction of x and y axes?


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          Bjorn Hulman

          In a 2D sketch there is no x and y, only vertical and horizontal.


          You can turn on the Triad in System Options > Display / Selection > Display reference triad. This will show the parts x,y,z in the bottom left corner at all times.


          In a 3D a line can be related to in terms of x,y&z

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            Rajat Jain



            I think it follows the following logic: -

            • Global Y Axis (0,1,0) is taken as the sketch Y and sketch Z is always pointing outwards the face. X can then be computed through the Right Hand Cross Rule.
            • If Global Y is normal to the plane then it takes the Global X (1,0,0) as the sketch X, Sketch Z is again pointing outwards the face on which the sketch is placed. Sketch Y is computed through the cross rule.


            Hope it helps!!!


            Rajat Jain