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Problem with switching between SP4 --> SP5 with circuitworks library components

Question asked by Tyler Naegle on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by Jeff Parker



At our company, two of us installed SP5, and three of us have SP4.  I've been working on several circuitworks boards, and once I installed SP5, circuitworks no longer recognizes old circuitworks parts in the library.  It asks me if I'd like to overwrite the existing files.  So basically, every circuitboard I create through circuitworks creates all new parts instead of using the part files in the library.  In addition to that, some parts in the library are all surpressed.  Circuitworks will "build" the part onto the circuitboard, but I have to go into the individual part and unsurpress everything.


The three people who are still on SP4 arent having this problem, so we figure its a problem between the service packs, but reading through the SP5 release notes, I havent been able to find anything that might be a problem.  Is anyone having this issue, or perhaps resolved this issue?








How Circuitworks expects the PCB to look after building.



What the model actually looks like after building.



This is what results when opening the FPGA that was built onto the PCB...