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Dialog box general gripe

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Nov 21, 2012

Will it be this decade, this century or will the entire millenium have to go by before the pop up windows are going to be resizeable so that we don't have to scroll inside of teeny weeny narrow little windows ?


Windows that are so small that in lots of cases the titles of the colomns can't be viewed without scrolling, this should be the first clue that they are way to narrow.

Another would be that most people don't use a 7" screen to make drawings on. Not in 2D and even less so in 3D.


So please, pretty please with a cherry on top, give us windows that are resizeable or that are at least wide enough to be of use on a +19" screen.


And while I'm at it, It's great that for instance the measure window is resizeable but howabout some logic? Why can one only see 2 features mentioned in the blue area no matter what size the window is instead of it growing with the window? It really does make one wonder about the competance to be a programmer for SW.