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Custom view Excel design table slows down zoom

Question asked by Karl R. Pettersen on Nov 21, 2012
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We've just tried to implement a design table from a part file that drives most of the system. Instead of re-typing everything in it into a regular table, we setup a custom view in the design table that is presented in the drawing. To do this, we put a view of the part outside the drawing area in order to access its design table, which is then shown on the assembly drawing.


However, this proves painful to work with. We can no longer zoom into the drawing to pick exactly the edges we want for dimensioning. It doesn't matter if the Excel is in view or not, as long as it is present on the drawing it can take like 5-10 seconds per zoom state change (mouse wheel scroller) when you're zoomed in.


What would be a good workaround for this, other than reverting back to actual typing in the data a second time? Are there some tricks within Excel itself to speed up the zooming?