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Serial number in EPDM is skipping numbers, where to assign increment value?

Question asked by Gary Williams on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by Brian Drifka

I don't know what I have done.

Was creating variables in EPDM and linking to an Excel file.

I didn't change the serial number but for some reason it is skipping numbers, assigning every other number.


I don't see where the increment value of a serial number can be assigned.

Cannot figure out what I have done to screw this up!


Any ideas?



I think my problem is I need to Disable standard serial number generation (see attached snapshot of EPDM manual).

Where do I turn this off?


Or should I change something in my datacard?


I'm not clear as to what drives the serial number to increase in value.

Can anyone explain this?





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