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How to get the custom properties into a drawing BOM from each configuration of a tube part?

Question asked by John Gross on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Peter De Vlieger

I am evaluating the Solidworks Routing Add-in for my company. A few questions I need answered are.

Is there a way to extract the custom properties of the configuration specific "tube-ss" part in the routing assembly? There should be a way to populate the "description" property for each tube size. Attached is a screenshot of a drawing with the tube part showing nothing in the description column.


Also why is Item 3 in the BOM?


Right now we do all our tube and hose routing manually. Our descriptions for the tube and hose part (virtual) are manually entered. It would be more efficient to have the "description" property somehow inserted when you pick the size tube in a route.