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    Creating a Web Network

    Mason Morton

      I'm new to SolidWorks, but have been using Solid Edge for several years. Solid Edge has a feature called Web Network. It allows you to select a centerline (or group of centerlines) and create an extruded feature based off the profiles selected.


      I'm able to do this with a single line using the extruded base feature in SW and using the midplane setting, but I cannot select multiple profiles to create the multiple ribs I need. The Rib feature suffers from the same problem (it won't let me select the sketch at all because there are multiple open profiles).


      Any ideas? Below is an example from Solid Edge of what I'm trying to do. It was created with a single sketch and a single feature. The profile is highlighted green. I know I could offset this in the sketch, but the actual profile I'm using is much more complicated than what is shown below.