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    Growth of a part

    Rick Wilson

      I would like to know if SW simulaton will let me know how much a part would grow when heat is applied. Example I have a tube 19in dia with 1" wall thickness x 62in long, If the temperature changed from 80 degrees F to 200 degrees F how much would the O.D. expand.

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          Anthony Botting

          hi Rick: Yes. Just modify the material property ALPX (or, "alpha-x"). Which is more commonly known as the CTE or coefficient of thermal expansion. You will also need to change the default zero-strain temperature, which from your note looks to be 80 F (look in properties of static study. I believe it defaults to 70 F).

          For steady-state: you can run a static study with temperature applied uniformly to the tube and it will show the thermally-induced strain (there should be zero stress if there's no fixtures).

          For transient: If you're trying to conduct a thermal shock then you would need to run thermal transient and then couple the output of selected time steps to several static studies to see the deformation (and perhaps some stress depending on how fast you're heating it relative the the thermal conductivity) as a function of each time step as the structure heats-up. Hope that helps.