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Moving parts using visual basic

Question asked by Sean Dalton on Nov 20, 2012

This is more an API question than a Motion question. But I do not seem to have acces to the API section.

However I am trying in to create movement by adjusting mate distances e.g. to create the X, Y Z movements of say a pick and place or CNC milling machine.


Rather than using using the functionality of motion I want to use the flexibility of programming to allow me to read a text file containing the movements (e.g. a CNC program) then interpret the contents to simulate the movement.


I have a simple assembly and have created simple linear and circular movements.

My question, while there may be 80 or 100 steps is the movement, the graphical display only updates about 3 or 4 times.

Any suggestions how I might get the graphical display to update for every iteration.

I have tried assembly.forcerebulid on the assembly object but no change.


Any suggestions.