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Deploying and Updating EPDM through Active Directory

Question asked by Rodney Michels on Nov 20, 2012



I have been reading the Installation Guide to set up Vault Views through Active Directory.  I have been successful with making it work.  Now I would like to use AD to deploy and update EPDM.  However, I can't seem to make this work?  Has anyone been able to?  Our VAR doesn't have a domain, so that is strike one!  I have been using virtual machines when testing this.  Maybe that is the issue???


So, here is what I have done.


-Created an Image for EPDM, so I can use the MSI file

-Shared folder permissions for myself???  Does the computer need to be in here???

-Created a Security Group within Active Directory Users and Groups

-Added the Computer to that group

-Created a Group Policy Object

-Under Security Filtering I added the Security Group to that GP

-Under Links, I added the group that has my computer in it

-Edited the GP and added the MSI file to the Computer Configuration

-I restart the machine, and nothing!