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    how to link sheet metal material to a drawing

    Brian Perry

      Hello all,

         A coupler of questions.  First, when I make a new sheet metal part, I need to select a gauge table (for bend radii, k-factor, etc.)  Then, I need to select the material in material list in the part file to get attributes such as density.  Is there a way to link all these properties together so I only have to select the material once?


         I would also like to know if it's possible to link the material and it's associated properties in a sheet metal part to a drawing.  I've been playing around a little, and am able to link the material to the drawing.  This is the material from the material pick list in the part.  However, this does not include the thickness of the material, or any associated attributes like bend radius, etc.


      Ultimately, i would like to be able to select the material once when making a new part, and then have any of the information associated with that material be automatically linked to the drawing.  The stuff i would like linked to the drawing includes: material (custom description would be nice to match older drawings), material thickness, part weight, punch radius, bend radius.


      Any help is much appreciated.



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          Jeff Holliday

          The success of the answers you get will depend on the version/date of SWorks you are using. You can link most of what you are looking for by using Custom Properties". You can also create custom materials which may allow you to create the name you are hoping for. Just be careful - combining names may seem to make things handier, but losing flexibility can cause problems.

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              Brian Perry

              Sorry, Jeff, I suppose that would've been some useful information.  We just got 2013, SP0.  I've been playing with the custom properties, but can't seem to find a way to link them to either the material thickness or to the excel sheet containing the punch radius.  I do know how to link the custom properties from a part to the drawing, but they still need to be manually typed in per part.  I'd like to eliminate the task of typing these .  I'll take another look tomorrow at the custom material properties and see if i can't find something.  About 80% of the parts we make are made from a pool of 4 different materials, in 3 or 4 different thicknesses each.  It would be very convenient for us to just be able to select the material and have the information the shop needs to build automatically populated into the drawing.


              thanks in advance for the help!