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Table driven load on beam issue

Question asked by Justin Strempke on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by Justin Strempke

I am trying to verify a simple beam bending problem, cantilevered with a triangular, non-uniform load distribution (SW2012 SP5.0).  I have a couple problems/issues when using the Table Driven Load Distribution.  First is when using the Distance option, inputing the Force per unit length.  For normal beam theory calcs, this would be per unit length (width), yet when I put in say 5 lbs/in with a 1 in wide beam 30 in long, I get a shear of 333.5 lbs at the base, instead of the expected 75 lbs (5*1*30/2).  Gravity is turned off as well to isolate the loading.  The moment is also 20* the shear force, when it should be 10 (load applied at 1/3 distance for triangular load).


The second problem is when using the Percentage option.  Using two points (0,100), it seems to only scale to the first node (not joint), versus the entire length (see image).  Is this a bug or am I not setting something up correctly?  The results agree, with equal shear after the first node so it's not just a graphics issue with the symbol from what I can tell.


I would think these to be simple, and I was getting errors in a more complicated structure so I wanted to verify with a simple beam, but I think this is where my problems are rooted. 


EDIT:  Tried this on SW2013, same thing.  I also tried swapping origins, fixed ends, etc, same results.