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Problem importing a part .dwg to .sldprt

Question asked by Marcelo Cassol on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by Marcelo Cassol

Could someone help me?


I'm trying to import parts from mechanical desktop 2006, but, when I import it in SW it doesn't work, are just openning the sketches and not the parts or opens a solid without the resources, like in the models annex.


What should I do to have a file like the "C3.sldprt"?


Go annex:


"C.dwg       (file in MDT6)"

"C.jpg        (image from file in MDT6)"

"C1.sldprt   (file with problem)"

"C2.sldprt   (file with problem)"

"C3.sldprt   (file that I want after import the MDT file)"


Thank you for you help...


Marcelo Cassol