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    Problem importing a part .dwg to .sldprt

    Marcelo Cassol

      Could someone help me?


      I'm trying to import parts from mechanical desktop 2006, but, when I import it in SW it doesn't work, are just openning the sketches and not the parts or opens a solid without the resources, like in the models annex.


      What should I do to have a file like the "C3.sldprt"?


      Go annex:


      "C.dwg       (file in MDT6)"

      "C.jpg        (image from file in MDT6)"

      "C1.sldprt   (file with problem)"

      "C2.sldprt   (file with problem)"

      "C3.sldprt   (file that I want after import the MDT file)"


      Thank you for you help...


      Marcelo Cassol